April is the month sandwiched between a day celebrating fools and a day celebrating emergencies (May Day!).

Many emergencies are the result of poor decision making. This is an area in which we excel. As a result, our own personal histories are replete with small emergencies, and yes, some larger ones as well.

Let’s acknowledge that it’s in our nature to make poor decisions. The curse, of course, is when we make them all on our own. 

This month, let’s avoid making poor decisions on our own. Poor decisions, yes. On our own, no. That way, you can hear all about your poor decisions from a trusted and reliable source.

Poor decisions by the band:

  • One time JB sang Danny Boy. Enough said. Time and place redacted.
  • Beau dropped an F-bomb in front of his grandmother, playing a special Irish show for the folks at a retirement community 
  • Zach broke a Martin guitar, on stage, in front of everybody at McCabes. He was pounding on it during a Dropkick Murphys cover. What made it ok was that it belonged to his ex wife. 

The lesson: With friends, poor decisions can be mitigated, and sometimes even remembered fondly. Your friends need new stories.

Which of the following is true?

A – John’s rich aunt just died, and he’s flying the first 100 people who respond to this message to Scotland, all expenses paid. He can’t imagine a better way to spend this money.

B – Clover’s Revenge is working on a concept theatrical number based directly upon Jurassic Park

C – Zach is selling one of his children to finance a new car purchase. He sees this as a win/win.

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3 thoughts on “Fools And Emergencies

  1. I am praying it’s a concept theatrical number based on Jurassic Park. To further my amusement I would like open auditions and I ask that they be recorded for posterity…

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