What could be better than showing your Clover’s Revenge colors with the Clover’s Revenge Patch. The patch measures 2 3/4″ diameter with the beloved CR logo, telling the world you are a connoisseur of fine Irish Speed Folk. You can sew almost anywhere (we can’t be held liable for people who sew it on their clothes while they are wearing them).

  • Only $5 (there are discounts if you want more than one, please contact us via email)
  • Sew on, not iron on
  • Tells the world you love Clover’s Revenge
  • Free shipping via USPS to US*

Please email us here if you want more than one or you live outside the U.S.: cloversrevenge0317@gmail.com.

Clover's Revenge Patch

Show Your Love With Sew-On Clover's Revenge Patch

Shipping Address

*Shipping overseas will require an additional $10. If you live outside the US, we will contact you to secure payment via email.

Clover’s Revenge price includes shipping to US. We send product via USPS. If you want to send us back your undamaged product, we will gladly give you a refund of your original expense within 30 days of purchase. All secured payments are made via Stripe.

Please email us here if you are having any trouble: cloversrevenge0317@gmail.com.