Scotland was an incredible experience. Here’s the lowdown: 

  • It wasn’t exactly what any of us expected, but then, travel rarely ever is.
  • John spent five days of the excursion, ahem, away. 
  • Rumors mentioned a paddywagon and some angry men in orange vests.
  • We all made some great friendships.
  • Our travelers were as cool as we knew they would be, and came equipped with great spirits (both whiskey and non-whiskey variety).  
  • Folknharmony got a chance to shine in Glasgow and Aviemore.
  • James (Happy birthday James!) played his Highland pipes inside at the Pine Marten bar in Aviemore to an adoring crowd. James also played small pipes at the Park Bar in Glasgow, and on occasion while we were on the bus.
  • We found the world’s best fish and chips in Sterling. 
  • At that time, we learned that the famous Gerry Rafferty tune Baker Street isn’t about where Sherlock Holmes lived in London
  • (It’s about Baker Street in Sterling, Scotland, about 45 minutes from Edinburgh)
  • Showing great character, the whole group shared a bizarre charcuterie in Aviemore, in what was some seriously unlikely fun. 
  • Great booze and wine could be found, well, everywhere. Great food could be found … most places, most of the time.
  • We wandered around Inverness, which was a joy.
  • Sharon took an incredible opportunity to attend her Scottish clan’s annual Highland Games. 
  • Kendall learned about his namesake clan.
  • Zach took a nap, ahem.
  • Beau learned his family is part of Clan Lamont.
  • We wandered around Edinburgh, which was a joy.
  • The Royal Tattoo was spectacular.
  • Clover’s Revenge played on the street at the Fringe Festival, under a clear blue sky, to a crowd of hundreds.
  • A bunch of people got tattoos. 
  • Cat Cafes and Catacombs.
  • We threw a party.
  • There were so many laughs, and there were also some tears. 

Not all of our experiences were easy, but looking back, we had a great time together.

We’d like to thank our new friends, and our old friends, who joined us in Scotland. You’re all wonderful.

Equipped with new ways of looking at the world, we’re looking forward to sharing more great travel experiences with you, our amazing fans.

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