Happy February, Cloverians!

Before anything else, we’ve got two birthdays in the band. John turned 36 on the 13th, and Beau turns 35 on the 19th, so there’s that.

We’re Confused: What Are We Making? 

We’re making new music that will result in a new collection of original and traditional tunes. We’re not sure how to refer to it. We’d like to call it an album, but it might actually be a record. If things go well, the new music will be streamed, downloaded and broadcast both here in the States, but also in Europe, and especially Germany, where we’re approaching Hasselhoff-like levels of popularity. So we’ll make an effort to call it as many different things as we can.

Our Third Disc will be Titled ‘Among Your Friends.’ 

This third album is our most ambitious release.  It will be our longest LP, and it is our sincere hope to push the little genre of Irish Speed Folk to greater heights. On the cassette, listeners will find a dozen tunes, maybe more, including songs written by each member of the trio. We’ve done our thing and tradicalized a couple of tunes, which usually gets us into some trouble. We hope that our fans will recognize some of the new songs, because we’ve been playing them live. 

First Things First – Ireland

No promises, but we’re hoping to make a big too-doo about the release of our third 8-track before we head out to Ireland. On our highly anticipated, and guaranteed to sell out (As of publishing, we only have 11 spots left), Saints and Scholars Tour of Ireland, we’ll all have a merry nine days exploring extraordinarily beautiful Irish cities like Killarney, Westport and Dublin, in September of 2023. So, that means that the CD will be out by September. We promised no promises, so, no promises. Please email us at info@cloversrevenge.com if you have questions.

Three Things We Love Right Now

We sat down to figure out what we wanted to say in the blog about the CD we’re making, and we ended up discussing what we love about making music together in our little trio. Here are the big three things we love, at the time of this writing.

1 – Rehearsal is a Creative Mill – We rehearse every week, and have done so for eight years. We are a creative mill when we write songs, and everyone’s voice is heard.

2 – Incredible Fans Who Show Up – You guys make sure that the live show is electric. Yes, we’re sweating to make it happen. But so are YOU!

3 – This Trio Ain’t Really A Trio – We’ve come to really rely upon the amazing love and gratitude we have for each other, but we get a lot of support. Like Nancy. When Nancy’s on stage, we’re in for a treat. When she’s at the show, you also know there’s going to be dancing. We are so grateful for the love and support we get from our families – our kids and spouses, and from you: the people who come to the pub to be a part of the fun.

Speaking of Trios 

Speaking of trios, you might consider buying tickets to the Second Annual Sarasota Trio Festival, which takes place on Sunday, March 5 at 4PM. Folknharmony, our sister band, is playing. If you haven’t seen them, it’s a great show: just ask them. They’re performing alongside some incredible talent: guitarist Bryan Spainhower and his trio, Third World Avenue, and Jazz vocalist Synia Carroll, fronting the trio Rising Tide. Our own John Barron worked with Dave Beaton to put the first Sarasota Trio Festival last year, and it’s all going great. 


We’d like to thank Mr. Del Couch for his continued support, and to the Del Couch Music Foundation. We’d especially like to thank the great Dr. Erol Ozsever, our brother in arms, for his work on our behalf in the studio. Profound thanks to Mr. John Stone for the privilege of using his extraordinary guitar collection.

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