Among Your Friends Is Coming!

  • The band is working pretty hard right now to get the new CD across the line. 
  • You may have heard that we’re calling it ‘Among Your Friends.’
  • The reason for this is that John keeps talking about it at shows.
  • It’s going to be a full-length release.
  • There are two songs written by each member of the band.
  • Yes, there will be tradiculousness. 

Thanks to Mr. Del Couch and the Del Couch Music Foundation for the use of the incredible studio space at MSA in Ellenton.

Profound thanks to Dr. Erol Oszever, whose expertise and guidance makes him a pleasure to work with.

Deep curtsies and bows to Mr. John Stone, for the use a sweet guitar (a Lowden Guitar for those who care).

Here’s the thing though: everyone we’re working with is our friend.

Del is our friend. He’s been incredibly supportive of our music and a gracious host at the Foundation. Seeing him is a lot like running into an old friend.

Stone came to Europe with us twice. Over there, not only were we friends, we were brothers in travel.

Erol is technically a member of the band – as the band’s second guitarist, he’s to blame for Clover’s Revenge finding its metal roots. He’s our brother. But obviously, he’s also our friend.

The goal is to have our new stuff out by Halloween. 

October 31 is the CD drop date. That’s the Update

Serious question: should we make Clover’s Revenge baby onesies?

Thanks for supporting the band! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone out at the pub.

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