Check out our new Clover’s Revenge Store! It has all of your favorite merchandise. We hope you like it!

Please email us here if you want more than one item or you live outside the U.S.:

Keep Calm And Get Revenge T-Shirt

Get Revenge T-Shirt, $30

The shirt that says it all. Comes in crew or v-neck.

Coffee Mug, $22 Each

Revenge is best served cold, unless it’s coffee.


Utili-Koolie, $24

Comes with sporran or patch, you decide.

Tumbler, $32-$100

Keeps your beers cold and coffee hot.

Truants And Absolution

Truants And Absolution-Signed CD, $18

Our latest CD, including the hit single, “The Merry Misadventures of Sister Mary Margaret”.

Gotta Get O’Raggednized- Signed CD, $18

The CD that started it all. It’s huge in Germany!