With Both Bad and Good News, We’re Still Giving June 2021 a Solid A

First the bad news: 

We have to postpone the trip to Scotland until next year. These tidings have put a crimp in the style of a certain mandolin player, whose optimism and planning acumen were able to withstand a mighty whacking. Tough tidings indeed, from across the pond. Bad News Makes Us Feel Philosophical. 

Now the good news: 

So we had a chance to open for the Young Dubliners last Thursday, and holy cow that was an extraordinary experience. Bad Ass Gigs Make Us Feel Like Rockstars

Clover’s Revenge highlights from last Thursday at the Celtic Ray:

  • It rained so hard, we had to abandon the stage. 
  • If you know us, that was not a problem. 
  • With a crowd of maybe seventy on hand, we played and sang, acoustically, for an hour. 
  • The crowd grew larger as the rain faded, and we all had the time of our lives. 
  • When the Young Dubliners came out, they were excellent.
  • We were awed to watch them, and at the end of their show, they invited us onto the stage for their final encore. 

Now the Philosophical part

With the trip to Scotland postponed until next Summer, we turned to the poets to find inspiration.   Brendan Behan was an Irish playwright, novelist, short story author and poet. Behan lived from 1923 until 1964. Beloved by millions, his was a voice that often captured the voice of his countrymen. 

The Three Needs

Behan once wrote, “The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink, and somebody to love you.” That’s a damn good line. 

Taking a moment to consider our own needs, we all took a stab. Read on, and feel free to disagree. 

John’s Three Needs might be characterized as ‘visceral’: “Get a warm hug, a cold drink and a long kiss.”

Zach’s Three Needs might be understood as ‘half-Vulcan’: “Get a good night’s sleep, a good meal, and to be left alone.”

Beau’s Three Needs might be described as ‘sappy’: “Witness with clarity, play with relish and experience sincere human connections.”
We’ll see you at the pub!

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