It’s time to get off the fence!

If you’ve been thinking about joining Clover’s Revenge in Scotland, now is your time, and here is your  moment!  Scotland’s hotels have opened for business this week, and are taking reservations for this Summer.  Our trip is August 1st – 9th, 2022. We are actively booking our rooms and accommodations right now. 

Bluntly, please shit or get off the pot! 

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Get On The Bus

Drinking whiskey, trading incredible stories with new friends, listening to jams, growing while moving from here to there: these are all parts of the bus experience. No conversation is wasted: people staying busy and energized, laughing or reflecting as the mood might take them. 

Pack Your Emotional Baggage And Lose It In Scotland

  • Delight in Europe’s most beautiful city, Edinburgh
  • Explore Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness & Single Malt Whiskey in the Highlands 
  • Uncover Scotland’s Magic: Isle of Skye, Harry Potter Train and Fairy Pools

Gratitude And Inspiration 

What you get is cherished memories, astounding adventures, incredible music, and great friends. Here is what travelers said about our last trip:

Thank you for a wonderful week! Couldn’t ask for better music, a better group of fantastic people or a better guide and driver! Unforgettable experience… Safe travels and see you across the pond… -Will

Goodbye Ireland, you baudy, fresh goddess. You will wrap your arms around us again. -Nancy

What are you waiting for??

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