We love them.
Solid tips, liquid tips. We appreciate them all, knowing that they are offered in sincere appreciation.

Gaseous tips, fashion tips, hair styling tips – those are probably for other people… 

On stage, Clover’s Revenge tends to drink beer in the first set, and whiskey in the third. The way the night works is that the second set is our barometer for how enthusiastic things are going to get. It’s an adventure, every time.

Beau, John and Zach each have their own favorite Irish beers. Rather than just telling you outright, we’ve written three haikus to remind you of our second favorite pub libation (after Irish whiskey). 

Beau will always order a Harp (an irresistible four-letter word)
A Harp Lager Haiku
Fairest of the three
Calm, cool and even tempered
She quenches your fire

John is drawn to Guinness (as long as we’ve known him)
A Guinness Stout Haiku
Darkest dusky maid
Poured slowly, for consistent strength
Her flavor is home

Zach opts for Smithwick’s (Redheads stick together)
A Smithwick’s Ale Haiku
Fiery lass, her bite 
Is welcome, moody, broody
Her russet depths soothe

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