Take a Victory Lap, Cloverians! 

You are an amazing bunch of people. Thanks for the most successful year we’ve ever had as a band. Let’s not kid ourselves – it wasn’t exactly a normal year –  but you guys made it a hell of a lot more fun than it might have been. 

We had a stack of big wins in 2021, and we’re proud to share a short list of five of them with you.  We performed 48 well-attended shows in 2021 (THANK YOU FOR COMING OUT!), and in doing so, we met some of the coolest people, some of whom are hopefully reading this blog! Also, the band wrote six original tunes in 2021, some of which will be featured on a new album that will drop next year. 

Big win #1 – NANCY ON STAGE: This year, we convinced Nancy to join us on stage to sing with us. We’re stoked that Nancy is now regularly featured in our sets, layering her soulful Alto into the harmonies we sing. 

Big win #2 – YOUNG DUBLINERS: We finally got to support The Young Dubliners. On the rocky road to seeing this gig happen, we postponed twice, waited more than a year, and then got rained on during the first tune of our set. The rain did not slow or stop us: we played a kick-ass acoustic set surrounded by fans who fed us whiskey and song requests. When the rain stopped, The Young Dubliners came out and were AWESOME. They invited us to get up on stage for their encore tune.

Big win #3 – STREAMING SUCCESS ON SPOTIFY: Don’t look now, but Clover’s Revenge original music was streamed on Spotify nearly 200,000 times in 2021. We’d like to acknowledge and thank the pubs and bars that are supporting us and helping us to achieve by streaming our music

Big win #4 – TAN AND SOBER FRIENDSHIPS: We made some new friends! Sharing the stage with the Festival with Tan And Sober Gentlemen was a true pleasure, at the Shadow Bay Celtic Music Festival in Myrtle Beach, SC. That band is oozing with talent and creativity, and in our judgment, they are wonderful people. We’ll be playing twice with them in January: On January 8th at 3 Keys Brewing as part of the Celtic Winter Jam and on January 21st at Napper Tandy’s in North Carolina.

Big win #5 – SCOTLAND IS HAPPENING IN 2022: Despite moving our trip to Scotland back another year to August of 2022, almost all of our intrepid travelers are staying with the plan. We are humbled and so excited to share the bus and to experience the adventures that Scotland will bring to us.

It’s you guys, the people who come out to join us at the pub, who end up making all of the fun possible. We’re clear on just how incredibly fortunate we are.

Here’s to you!   

See you at the pub.

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