Hi everyone!

Sorry there was no April blog to share with you.  We’ve got an excuse: some GENIUS booked us for SEVEN shows that month.  Some wives were NOT amused.  Anyhoo, in this blog we’re going to share ideas about events that didn’t all happen in April, but the whole “April Showers lead to May Flowers” lead-in totally works. 

Because it’s May.  So we’re running with it.

Irish Speed Folk Is Category 1-Rated

When the rain comes, we improvise. Here are three good examples of what makes us rated for Category 1 Hurricanes, including one from April 2022.

Example 1 – Celtic Ray – Punta Gorda, FL – Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day Party

The Celtic Ray always throws a great Halfway to St. Paddy’s party. That day was no exception, and kelly green clad partiers were met with an absolute deluge of rain. We abandoned the stage and set up right under the rented tent near the outside bar. Surrounded by partiers, we had the best time playing and singing for a happy and appreciative crowd. To quote, well, everybody, “F#$% the RAIN!!” We made a lot of friends that day.

Example 2 – Celtic Ray – Punta Gorda, FL – Young Dubliners Perform Live

So the Young Dubliners are basically heroes to Clover’s Revenge. We love those guys: we look up to them and we try not to copy their style… much. So, when we finally won the opportunity to open up for them at the Ray, we were entirely stoked. One minute into our set – literally the first song – the skies opened up, and everything got wet. So, we grabbed our instruments and headed back under the awning by the bar. Everyone stayed at the venue, crowded together around the band, and we played an acoustic set. We loved it, the crowd loved it, and they were all there to watch the Young Dubliners play a hell of a show, once the storm had passed. 

Example 3 – Dunedin Highland Games – Dunedin, FL – Main Tent 

Okay, so THIS is an April shower story. Last month, after two years of Covid-related postponements, the Highland Games resumed in Dunedin. About five minutes before we were set to play, the clouds delivered a dowsing deluge. Many hundreds of attendees ran directly to the main tent, where much of the beer was stationed, and where we were waiting. The sound was awesome, the crowd was energetic, and our first set had everyone going. Within fifteen minutes, we were seeing furniture and flags being hurled around by the wind. After our fifth song, we watched a merchandise tent cartwheel behind us. At the end of the first set, the Sheriff’s Department stopped the event. 

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