A happy June to you all!

We’ve got big news – The Clover’s Revenge tour to Scotland in August of 2022 is officially booked and full! 

Q – What does ‘the tour is booked and full’ actually mean? 

A – You’re now either on the bus, or you’re out of time. There are no more chances to tell John that you haven’t decided whether you’re coming.

Q – How many people are traveling with the band?

A – We have 31 people joining the trip, so with the band, plus (intrepid guide) Sean and (friendly driver/surprisingly nimble ballroom dancer) John. That makes a total of 36 adults. 

Q – What is the group going to be doing in Scotland?

A – We will be traveling together on a bus tour, whilst making music, memories and merriment.

Q – Will you see any sights whilst you are there?

A – Absolutely. We’ll spend time touring Glasgow, Inverness and Edinburgh. We’ll have stops at Lochs, Castles and Distilleries. We’ll ride the Harry Potter train, some will attend the Royal Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle and learn how shepherds work with sheep dogs to manage their herds. There will be whiskey.

Photo By Visit Scotland

Q – You mentioned whiskey?

A – Yes. There will be plenty of whiskey

Q – Will the band be playing whilst in Scotland?

A – We have several performances booked across Scotland, and there will be music on the bus, from time to time.

Q – Are there any other musicians attending?

A – YES. There are talented musicians who are joining us on the bus. For reference, on our trip to Ireland in 2019, there were four travelers who brought their instruments: a trumpet, a guitar, an accordion and a banjo were non-band instruments that made the journey. We honestly don’t know who’s bringing what, and that’s part of the fun.

Q – What kinds of beer are you guys going to be drinking in Scotland? Do they have Guinness?

A – Yes they have Guinness in Scotland. John is a Guinness fan, but he’s also a history fan, and Scottish stouts have more than 200 years of that! We will see if he finds a new favorite. Beau is targeting at least one glass of the Younger Sweetheart Stout, but he is reliably a lager guy. He loves Scottish beer, and specifically Tennent’s Lager, which has earned the delightful moniker of ‘the Madman’s Dream.’  Scottish ales may be the most recognizable, and Zach loves an ale. He may go with a Scotch Ale, a Scottish Ale, a Pale Ale or a Shilling Ale.  He may go with all four: he’s got choices! 

Q – As it turns out, I’m completely jealous. How do I get on the bus?

A – Great news! We will begin booking for Ireland 2023 soon. Speak with John Barron, and we’ll get the ball rolling!

We are beyond excited to travel to Scotland with a great group of travelers. We personally know many, but not all, of the people who are coming. Several travelers are relatively new to us. We are absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to deepen our existing friendships and to make new friends, all while touring and experiencing Scotland together! 

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    1. Joyce, we don’t fly until the end of July, so we’re crossing our fingers. We are just finalizing the hotel list.

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